number 2 numerology meaning life path

Life Path 2 Meaning In Numerology: The Sensible Romantic

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Number 2 in numerology represents the feminine passive energy and its qualities: peace-making, loyalty, harmony, charisma, magnetism, cooperation, empathy, emotion, sensibility sensitivity, the female.

The symbol of dualism and association, of pair, of receptivity, of magnetic attraction, of complementarity.number 2 numerology meaning life path

  • Element → Water
  • Day → Monday
  • Planet → Moon
  • Energy → Yin
  • ColorOrange

Tip: 2 is also the number of passive assimilation, thus the best day to receive money, earnings, gifts and whatever can be “received”. And the worst day to spend money, loan money, invest or “give away”.


Movement: inwards, tends to flow, not opposing resistance – like water.

Positives: emotional, collaboration, union, mediation, tactful, tolerant, reserved, generous, adaptable, magnetic.

Negatives: week, depressed, indecisive, false, suspicious, emotional, passive-aggresive, searching completion through relationships.

Fears: fear of change, fear of unknown, fear to make mistakes, fear of loneliness.

birth day number 2

Personality / Soul Number 2

If you’re born on any of these dates: 2, 20, 29 of the month → your Inner Vibration is 2, and you’re a great partner, listener, healer. A number 2 will always act driven by his heart, not reason.

Number 11 is a little different and quite special because it holds the Master Energy of Illumination and encompasses both the vibrations of number 2 AND number 1. So, if you try to categorize someone born on 11 as 2 you’ll be in error (and it’s 11 writing here 🙂 ).

Number 2’s dominant traits are their opening for collaboration and respect for others. They are the human personification of goodness, kindness and understanding. They are the most prudent, helpful, nice, polite, friendly and courteous people on the numerology chart. It’s the only vibration that gets along well with any other because it doesn’t need or try to impose its point of view.

Personality number 2 gets everything in life trough diplomacy and persuasion, through his capability to emotional influence others.They are very gentle souls, dominated by feminine energy manifested in tenderness, caring, obeying nature, patience and submission. They’re quiet, good listeners, mediators and lovers of peace and harmony.

2s are peaceful, friendly and very dependable of their company and environment. They need attention and affection and need to feel secure. They have a poetic and artistic nature due to their high sensitivity and intuition. 2s are lovers of beautiful things in life and have refined taste.

Even though they can function independently, mostly they need a leader, someone to follow. They avoid stepping forward and stand out. Thus, they become the perfectly honest, loyal executors – especially if they receive their needed doze of compliments and praise. 2s are easily hurt, shy, and not always speaking their minds when something bothers them – which often drains and consume them.

Number 2s are often insecure and they constantly look for support and approval from others when it comes to making decisions. They don’t take action before analyzing and feeling absolute sure about what direction to take. That wisdom and correct judgement often bring them respect and admiration from others. Being nice, warm and sympathetic also makes them quickly liked and accepted by everyone.

type 2 personality

Positive Traits Of Number 2 In Numerology

Their traits and qualities are those pertaining of a warm, gentle soul. They are the peace-makers, supportive and understanding, lovers, great partners, counselors, healers, care takers, compassionate about other’s feelings, followers, fine observers in life, sensitives, empaths, tactful and influential.

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They are very loyal, humble and modest. They make the perfect life partners because of their loving, sensual and sensitive nature. They are intuitive and have good instincts and foresight.

They avoid initiating any conflict and are always trying to calm things down by harmonizing situations and tensions between people. They love routine in their lives and are not open to many changes or alterations of the status quo.

They display little concerns for material things in life, their main focus is living a worry free, emotional fulfilling, stable life. They prefer to remain in the shadows, ignoring their desires and interests for the good and well-being of others.

number 2 personality traits

Negative Traits Of Number 2 In Numerology

The negative unbalanced 2 can be mean. The imprint of duality, evil and mystification hide in negative side of 2. Number 2 has always 2 sides and can manifest both positive and negative.

Their high sensibility often makes them vulnerable, pessimists and losing self-esteem. They tend to accept many compromises in life, do not fight for their rights which makes their nervous system crack sometimes.

Their seemingly calming nature and balance is just a mask, on the inside they’re very nervous, susceptible and unstable. If they are hurt or attacked they do not react with violence, mostly they calm down and close within planning their revenge for later on. They will try to pay back indirectly, through the hands of others. Trapped into an unfriendly atmosphere they become overly sad, strained and depressed.

They are very naive, often taking for good anything that others tell them refusing to realize evil exists and people are not always having good intentions. That’s way they’re often used and deceived by unscrupulous people abusing their good nature.

Inhibited by complexes, they doubt their capacities expecting too much from themselves and always trying to reach perfection. They even fear the thought of confronting certain situations, thus creating confusion and unhappiness for themselves.

They’ll reach inner balance once they’ll understand they have to overcome the perpetual state of tension resulted from their dominating or repressed emotions. They have a pathological desire to be liked and get so far as to mystify truth only to avoid hurting somebody.

If they don’t feel appreciated by others 2s tend to become apathetic, two-faced, hypocrites, cowards, unstable, striving in unhappy and frustrated existence, driven by envy, hatred and resentment.

life path number 2 destiny

Life Path 2 – The Partner, The Mediator

To calculate your Life Path just add all digits of your Birth Day, Month and Year one by one and obtain a number, then reduce it to just one digit.

Pure 2s are the most rare life paths, because we have to obtain 20 as the total sum. We mostly encounter the sum of 29 or 38 that reduces to 11 – which being a Master Number does not get further reducing having its own distinctive Life Path.

Ex: If you’re born on 3 February 1950 your Life Path is Number 2.

3+2+1+9+5+0=20 → 2+0=2

Destiny→ The one that gives energy and accepts working under a leader/ superior. To mediate, conciliate, integrate. Life Path marked by collaboration, team spirit under motto: “unity empowers”.

Qualities to acquire → diplomatic, friendly, peaceful, supportive, team-player, gentle, flexible, understanding.

If you’re Life Path (Destination) is Number 2, you have to become the absolute partner/mediator.

  • Direction: to learn to cooperate and work as a team member
  • Opportunities: to work well in groups, teams or as business partner
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best career jobs for life path number 2

Recommended Jobs & Careers

Type 2 Personality will stand out and feel in his place wherever cooperation, tact and diplomacy is needed. Success will be obtained through their capacity of analysis, adaptability and harmonious collaboration. They make the perfect business partners and employees because they accept orders and obey them.

Doubtful about their own capacities, 2s however need permanent encouragement to dare more and become accomplished on professional level.

They can become remarkable physicians, psychologists, or get involved into medical research. Also they make perfect therapists, healers, massage therapists, chiropractors.

They can be successful diplomats, politicians and international mediators of all kinds. They can work as administrators, accountants, public servants, clerks, functionaries, officials, social workers, teachers, insurance agents.

love and couple compatibility for number 2

Number 2 Love & Compatibility

— Compatibilities are ALWAYS made between Soul Numbers, not Life Paths (!) —

Sensuality, sensibility and loyalty are their innate characteristics that make 2s the perfect lovers, partners and close friends. They are always open to listen to other’s point of view and very compassionate and protective towards their loved ones.

2s are the most romantic of all numbers. Their romance is discreet, profound and quiet. They prefer to live it rather than display it to show off.

Love nurtures them and even though their love grows slowly trough repeated pleasantries, they get all in once they become involved in a relationship. They do expect mutual love and affection from their partner and offer and need in return lots of tenderness, emotional stability, loyalty, sweetness, profound feelings and devotion.

Due to their sensible and affective nature they will feel happy and understood in relationships with 2, 4 or 6. Although 1s and 8s are too brutal and aggressive for a 2, they will be fascinated by 1’s personality and will make the perfect couple as the perfect complementary yin & yang energies.

They are attracted by dynamic, optimistic and joyful love for life of 3s and 5s while towards the reserved and introverted 7 will not feel any attraction. A relationship with 9 can last only if both of them will fine tune and adjust their attitudes – 9 being too independent, impulsive and direct for a overly sensible 2.

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