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Psychomatrix Pythagorean Numerology Chart Calculation Method

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What is Psyhomatrix?

Psychomatrix or Pythagorean square was developed by Pythagoras and his followers based on ancient Egyptian knowledge of using numbers to characterize people.

Pythagoras expanded and developed this science (numerology) and left us methods of calculation of what he considered important numbers in our life. Numerology uses these numbers to find out one’s unique Cosmic Codification — the ciphered matrix.

Psychomatrix allows you to create a very detailed psychological characterization (numerology chart) of an individual → qualities and strengths, desires and potential, capacity to learn and work, resistance and health, sexual appetite and temperament, intelligence and skills.

All these are expressed in numbers and inscribed in a certain disposition in a nine cells square.

Psychomatrix / Pythagorean Square

Physical Body/Health

In Pythagorean numerology energy is flowing from left → right and from up ↓ down. That means that the information (qualities/potential) from a cell depends upon the strength and qualities from the left and/or above cell(s). That’s the right way to analyze the psychomatrix.

Numbers are symbols carrying information, principles and laws. To understand and decipher all information hidden in such a table, we must understand the information pertaining to every cell.

The Significance Of Cells In Psychomatrix (Pythagorean Square)

Every cell is responsible for certain functions, like a computer with a program to function and correlate with other cells. Every cell is an indicator of a certain quality of a personality. The quantity of numbers in a cell or their absence indicate how expressed is that quality in a person.

1Psychic and Character Strength. The core, vitality, willpower, mental power, psychic forces, intention, capacity to realize objectives, self-trust.

2Energy (Potentiality). The energetic resources of a person, resistance, sexual energy. Communication. The power of the spoken word to influence people or masses. The quality and form of the emotional system.

3Creativity, Cognition and Interest. The cognitive potential of a person, earthly thinking, ingeniousness and practical approach about solving problems. Interests for different sciences, optimist or pessimist attitude, capacity to explore. The quality and capacity of self-knowledge, self-study, self-development, memory, information and conscience.

4Physical Body and Health. Force, physical resistance, efficiency, organizing, body resistance to different influences, the immune system, human limitations.

5Intuition, Logic and Self-Esteem. Capacity to control abilities, to interact with the external world and other people, to express thoughts, to rationalize, to synthesize. To see beyond this reality, the inner voice, inner intuition and planning.

6Work Capacity, Pragmatism and Sexuality. Professionalism, skill development, capacity and resistance to work and physical activity, grounding. Pragmatism to bring ideas to fruition. Sexual appetite (instinct – male/female) and hunting capacity (aggressiveness). Tendency towards material goods and bodily pleasures.

7Spirituality. Awareness of Universal patterns and laws, intuition, capacity to interact to superior, spiritual worlds. Capacity to rationalize life processes, the level of reason.

8Duty and Responsibility. The sense of duty, responsibility, decency, commitment, the force of his love. The capacity of a person to feel useful and necessary to others.

9Intelligence, Memory and Adaptability. Mental capacity, IQ, memory, experience, capacity for clairvoyance, compassion and capacity to adapt to any conditions or places. The quality and force of the intellect, the capacity to accumulate complex information.


The Significance Of Rows In Psychomatrix

Every row (line) or level in this square pertains to a different world.

  1. The top level (1-4-7) pertains to the supreme cosmic world, mental, psycho informative. TO BE
  2. The middle level (2-5-8) pertains to the intermediary, energetic world. TO FEEL
  3. The bottom level (3-6-9) represents the material world. TO HAVE
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The birth date of a person also has 3 components.

The birth day has to do with the material world and tells about the hidden qualities of the person, inner needs, the vibrational level at which all internal processes will manifest.

The birth month is linked to the intermediary world, between the cosmic and material. It has influence over the organs above diaphragm, and talks about how this person will manifest and interact with people, collective or society.

The birth year comes from the supreme world and has influence over the head and facial features. It talks about the supreme function of the individual here on Earth, personal mission, the way to contribute to the life processes, what he was created for.

To learn more about these important calculations in numerology see more details about what numerology is here.

The 1st row (1-4-7) →  OBJECTIVES – Capacity to set and pursue objectives in life.

The 2nd row (2-5-8) → FAMILY and SOCIAL relations.

The 3rd row (3-6-9)  → WELFARE, STABILITY – Capacity to accumulate material goods.


The Significance Of Columns In Psychomatrix

The 1st column (1-2-3) → VITALITY, SELF-APPRECIATION

The 2nd column (2-4-6) → WILL, IMPLICATION, PRAGMATISM – how strong is your desire and capacity to provide for your family, raise money and become financial independent.

The 3rd column (7-8-9) → TALENT, CREATIVITY


The Significance Of Diagonals In Psychomatrix

The descendant diagonal (1-5-9) → SPIRITUALITY, CAREER, DETERMINATION

The ascendant diagonal (3-5-7)  → SENSUALITY, TEMPERAMENT, GOAL ORIENTATION

how to calculate psychomatrix life path destiny karmic number

How To Calculate Your Psychomatrix (Pythagorean Square)

To find out your personal cosmic cipher needed to fill the Pythagorean square we need to make some calculations based on your birth date. The numbers IN a person’s birth date represents the visible part of that person’s characteristics and qualities.

We already know much about a person just by knowing the complete date of that person’s birth. Let’s take a person born on 15. 07.1972. What do we already know about this individual?

  • Soul Number / Inner Vibration (past life) → Birth Day is 15 = 6
  • Social Number/ Social Expression (present life karma) → Birth Month is 7
  • Cosmic Purpose (why he was created/sent here and now on Earth) → Birth Year (last 2 digits) 1972 = 72 = 9

BirthDayBirthMonthBirthYearPathTo DestinyLifePath (Destiny)Karmic NumberLife Lesson
Soul Number (past life)Social Expression (present)Cosmic Purpose (mission)1st operative number2nd operative number3rd operative number4th operative number

To find out the invisible part of that code, we need to make 4 mathematical operations (always 4 and never more!) as seen below:

1. First Operative Number: Path To Destiny

The 1st operative number represents the appropriate route for you to reach your Destination (LifePath/Destiny). The forces brought together to form your Life Path. This road is the best suited for you, most easy and satisfactory.

It’s obtained by adding all digits from the date of birth one by one and obtaining their sum.

Ex: 1+5+7+1+9+7+2= 32

So, the first operative number is 32. The forces of 3 and 2 were used and compiled to form your Destination.

2. Second Operative Number: Your Life Path (Destination)

The 2nd operative number represents our Life Path or Destination in this life time, the place we must reach to live a happy and fulfilled life. We reduce the obtained sum to a single digit. (Exceptions here are master vibrations of 11, 22, 33, 44. They remain that way and not get further reduced.)

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Ex: 1+5+7+1+9+7+2= 32. 5

Your Destination in this life time is number 5.

3. Third Operative Number (Karmic Number)

The 3d operative number shows your karmic debt, mistakes & errors from the past life that you should become aware of and fix in this life time. You should understand, resolve and get over them, otherwise you’ll repeat them and they’ll be added to your karma for a harder lesson on the next life.

We obtain the 3rd operative number by subtracting (the first digit of Birth Day number x 2) from the 1st operative number.

In this case, the first digit from Birth Day number 15 is 1 → (1×2)= 2

→  32-2=30. So the third operative number is 30.

Ex: 1+5+7+1+9+7+2= 32.5. 30

Note 1: If the Birth Day has just one digit, that one is taken into consideration. In numerology, the number 0 before any digit doesn’t have any value and it’s not taken into consideration.

If 0 is after a digit, then it’s taken into consideration and moreover it enhances ten times the value of that digit/number (vibration).

Ex: a person born on 1st is the absolute leader. The one born on 10th however, has ten times more potential and force – let’s say is a commander.

Note 2: If the multiplication is greater than the first operative number, doesn’t matter → we just take the result into consideration. In numerology the + and – values does not count in calculating the personal cosmic cipher.

Note 3: If the third operative number has just one digit, we do not have what to reduce anymore. But, because we always have to make 4 mathematical calculations (no more, no less) then the forth operative number is the same as the third (adding zero).

4. Forth Operative Number (Life Lesson)

The 4th operative number shows you how to fix this karmic debt, the lesson you must learn, the force you can use to correct mistakes committed in the past life.

It is obtained by reducing the third operative number to a single digit: 3+0= 3

Ex: 1+5+7+1+9+7+2= 32.5.30. 3

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The Personal Cosmic Code (Cipher)

So now we can write the entire personal Cosmic Cipher of the person born on 15 July 1972. This cipher contains all information about this persons an all levels.

A sort of a cosmic DNA containing within all potential manifestations, opportunities, destination, calling, health, psychic / mental strength, energy level, character traits, IQ, adaptability level, sexual needs, spiritual level, goals and much more.

15 7 1972 32 5 30 3

BirthDayBirthMonthBirthYearPathTo DestinyLifePath (Destiny)Karmic NumberLife Lesson
1+5+0+7+1+9+7+2 = 32 →3+2=5 32-2=30 →3+0=3
Soul Number (past life)Social Expression (present)Cosmic Purpose (mission)1st operative number2nd operative number3rd operative number4th operative number

This is the matrix / pattern this person was constructed upon. The form, the materials used, the colors, resistance, strength – it’s all here.

The personal cipher can be used to meditate upon, or can be written on a note and attached to the person’s glass of water (facing water) to inform the water with this (he’s) structure. It will help to realign personal energies to the original pattern.

These numbers can now be transferred in the Pythagorean square for further analysis and more detailed interpretation.

Note*: this cipher can be calculated for an event or business also.


Filling The Psychomatrix (Pythagorean Square)

We can now add all those numbers in the psycho matrix, one by one in their corresponding cells.

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This is how this personal cipher is opened so the personal structure of the person in question can be seen and analyzed.

15 7 1972 32 5 30 3

Psychomatrix / Pythagorean Square (Born On 15 July 1972)

Physical Body/Health

In depth interpretation of this psychomatrix and the meaning of specific qualities and quantities in every cell of this square will be discussed in these articles below.

Psychomatrix Cells Interpretation (part 1)

Psychomatrix Cells Interpretation (part 2)

Vectors: Lines & Diagonals in Psychomatrix

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