what is pythagorean numerology

What Is Pythagorean Numerology? Significance Of Your Numbers

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what is pythagorean numerology

Numerology is a discipline working with and studying the qualities of numbers and their relationships with Nature, Human Being and the Universe. Deciphering those processes where each number has a role: number = cipher / code.

For a numerologist, a specific birth day, month and year is a universal personal code that can be deciphered and read. If you know how to do that, you can “press the button” that opens the folder of that specific human being just like opening a safe. That way you can learn about and even intervene and make changes in that particular system and structures.

I use Pythagorean Numerology, as Pythagoras rediscovered the science of numerology from the Ancient Egypt and opened a dedicated school for his carefully selected scholars. His teachings were later on concealed and only got in the hands of a select few.

Why Is That Important?

If one gets this knowledge and learns about its personal Cosmic Codification, then one can “wake up” and become aware about himself and his life up until this point. Why he is the way it is, personal weaknesses and strengths, his way of manifestation in life.

He can then make changes and modify his actions and way of acting, his life goals, even his entire vision upon life. He can even make the same activities, but results will be entirely different ones.

Let’s find out the most important numbers numerology uses to decipher all aspects about the life of a particular human being.

Calculations made using these numbers lead to Personal Cosmic Codification, sort of a cosmic DNA containing within all potential manifestations, opportunities, destination, calling, health, psychic/mental strength, energy level, character traits, IQ, adaptability level, sexual needs, spiritual level, goals and much more.

what is numerology

Important Numbers / Calculations In Numerology

In Pythagorean numerology 4 important calculations are used to complete the Cosmic Code of a particular person that fills the Psycho-matrix or Pythagorean square.

Besides the 3 important given visible numbers from the birth date, 4 other operations are used to discover the invisible part of the code, the tools that are extra-given by the Universe for the person to achieve his/her purpose.

In Pythagorean square the energy is always flowing from left → to right and from up ↓ down. So the right way to display the birth date for these calculations is as follows (scroll on mobile to see the entire table):

BirthDayBirthMonthBirthYearPathTo DestinyLifePath (Destiny)Karmic NumberLife Lesson
Soul Number (past life)Social Expression (present)Cosmic Purpose (mission)1st operative number2nd operative number3rd operative number4th operative number

Let’s see what these numbers represent.


Birth Day Significance

Birth Day (also defined as Inner Vibration / Soul Number / Personality) indicates the qualities, structure, form and construction of the interior world of the person. The way one feels himself and about himself, his objective and subjective relationships with the world, environment, other people and himself.

It shows how one really is, no matter how he or others imagine him to be.

These qualities are pertaining to the vibrations of the day under one is born. They are innate and come as a karmic package accumulated from previous life / lives, representing the past.

This Soul Number (Personality) represents our relationship with ourselves, it generates moods and mindset that will further generate (or not) action. It’s related to material world and reveal hidden qualities of the person, inner structure, his soul needs, psychic level, his spiritual pillars, the vibrational level at which all his internal processes will operate. It influences all body parts below diaphragm.

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It’s dominating above other significant dates because it’s dealing with feelings and emotions.

To feel good about yourself means to be aligned with the energies of your inner vibration. For that, you must know what they are.


Birth Month Significance

Birth Month (also known as Social Number or Social Expression) represents all characteristics and capabilities one contains (soft programming) to learn and act related to social environment in present life. Why we came into this world and how to manifest here & now regardless of past life accumulations (Birth Day), the karmic lesson for this present life.

It’s related to intermediate world between the cosmic and material life. It has influence over the organs above diaphragm and tells about man’s manifestation in relationship with other people and society. It shows how a specific person will utilize his/her inner forces to manifest in the world and society, his position regarding society laws, morals and traditions.


Birth Year Significance

Our Birth Year shows the Cosmic Purpose of our present incarnation here on Earth. What we are here to do, what the Universe expects from us giving all those energies and qualities composing our mathematical structure (matrix – personal codification).

It comes from the supreme world and has influence over the head, facial features and tells about the supreme function of this person on Earth, why he was created for, his mission, how it should contribute to maintaining and harmonizing the process of life.

And since the first 2 numbers are related to millennium and century, we take into consideration the last 2 numbers that are changing every year.

We find ourselves living great times, because many of us are millennials – we moved from 1900 – to 2000. We are witnessing the change of millennial vibration from 19 (me and transformation) to 20 (we as unity).

Generations born after 2000 are already coming with dominating vibrational patterns pertaining to number 2 – energy, emotion, communication, empathy and less individuality.


Path To Destiny Significance

Path To Destiny (1st operative number) represents the route we must take to reach our Destination (LifePath/Destiny). The forces that will form our Life Path and if we walk on this road we’ll reach our destination more easily and get more satisfactions along the way.

We all have a destination in life and the proper way to get there is showed by our Path To Destiny. This number is our orientation map that helps us understand the appropriate road to get there, what we should pay attention to. But it can also represents the rocks and obstacles placed in our way that we must overcome or use to build something with.


Life Path / Destiny Number Significance

Life Path number shows our Destination in this life time (2nd operative number), the place we must reach to live a happy and fulfilled life. To have a sense of completion in life, easiness and peace of mind. It’s not always easy, especially if the Soul Number vibration is totally opposed to Destination.

To harmonize those two vibrations we must learn and use the vibration that keeps them apart.

Ex: Soul Number is 2 but Destiny Number is asking you to reach 8. You must learn to use 6 for a harmonious life on both personal and social level.

On the other hand, the Universe is helping us big time in this matter. The dominating vibration of the Soul Number (Personality) starts fading after the age of 40 and the energetic influence of Destination begins to take control.

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Did you notice that after 36, more after 40’s your personality began to change? Like you don’t want the things you once wanted, you are acting and feeling differently and you don’t know why? Well, if that’s the case NOW YOU KNOW. Your destination vibration kicks in and takes control so you align more easily with it.


Karmic Number Significance

This number is obtained through calculation (3rd operative number) and shows the karmic debt, mistakes & errors of the past life that the person should become of aware and fix in this life time. The person should understand, resolve and get over them, otherwise he/she will repeat them and they will be added to their karma for a harder lesson in the next life.


Life Lesson Number Significance

The 4th operative number shows how we can fix this karmic debt, the lesson we must learn, the force we can use to correct mistakes committed in the past life.

numerology calculation


The important numbers in numerology when calculating & analyzing personal numerology chart (psycho matrix) are as follows:

  • 1. Birth Day → personality, inner vibration number
  • 2. Birth Month → outer vibration, social manifestation
  • 3. Birth Year → purpose, one’s cosmic program
  • 4. First operative number → the sum of all digits in the date of birth
  • 5. Second operative number → the sum of digits composing the 1st operative number
  • 6. Third operative number → first operative number (first digit of Birth Day x 2)
  • 7. Forth operative number – the sum of digits composing the 3rd operative number

With these calculations we can obtain the personal cosmic code (cipher) of a particular date, event or a person. The psycho matrix.

All these digits will next be filling the Pythagorean square – a 9 cells square that will reveal and help us read and decipher all dimensions, capacities, forces, energies, proprieties and characteristics of a certain date, event or person.

The next article will talk in detail about what psycho matrix is and show examples about how to calculate it and fill the Pythagorean square.

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Numerology REVEALS your strengths and weaknesses. Discover WHO you really are, your HIDDEN powers & talents by calculating your psychomatrix and then interpreting it.

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