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“God build the Universe on numbers” ~ Pythagoras

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Why Numerology?

“Everything is numbers and to know numbers, is to know thyself. ” ~ Pythagoras

what is numerology

If one gets this knowledge and learns about his personal Cosmic Codification, then one can “wake up” and become aware about himself and his life up until this point.

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Because Numerology reveals the power of numbers in our life.

build confidence knowing who you are

For a trained numerologist, a specific Birth Day, Month and Year is a Universal Personal Code that can be deciphered and read.

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If you know how to do that, you can “press the button” that opens the folder of that specific human being just like opening a safe. That way you can learn about and even intervene and make changes in that particular system and structures.

how to calculate psychomatrix life path destiny karmic number

Learn to calculate your Psychomatrix

numerology chart reveals your capacity to accumulate wealth

By calculating your psycho matrix (aka Cosmic ADN) you gain in depth understanding of your skills, talents and capacities. Many of them you probably are not aware of.

discover your skills, talents and powers with numerology

“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself. ” ~ Plato

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different aspects where we can use numerology

Your Top Desire

Learn about the ladder of happiness in Numerology, your most important goal

You came here to experience a specific goal, state or life aspect and this is revealed by your ladder of happiness. Your highest value vector from your psycho matrix speaks about your most desired goal for this life.

the ladder of happiness according to numerology

wise quotes revealing the significance of numbers

Numbers are the ruling principle and basis of things.
Numbers are the Universal language offered by deity to humans as an instrument for the discovery of all reality.
Galileo Galilei

Get a glimpse of what you can understand with numerology

Learning numerology can help you understand yourself, your partner, your kids and virtually everyone if you know their birth date. By calculating and analyzing their psycho matrix you can tap into their real selves and know for sure who they really ARE and what they are capable of. Things they may ignore about themselves. Or masking for society. Things like:

  • Psychic force, determination, will power and capacity to set & pursue objectives in life.
  • Initial health status, body resistance & immunity. Capacity to work and accumulate material goods.
  • Energy level, magnetism, communication skills, supportive and emotional potential.
  • Force of love and capacity to feel useful. Capacity & need to start and provide for a family.
  • Capacity to learn, memorize, analyze, reason and creativity level.
  • Intelligence level (IQ), mental force and capacity to transform & influence people.
use numerology to know your partner

Don’t worry, I didn’t
forget the spicy things

When analyzing the psycho matrix we can also see the sensuality level and sexual necessities of a person. They are correlated with the animal instinct (male / female) and shown in the cell pertaining to number 6.

This aspect also reveals the level of aggressiveness and hunting instinct of the person in question. What dominates more regarding this person: bodily instincts (pleasures) or spirit.

This can also be seen analyzing the sensuality and spirituality vectors of the matrix.

Living life with those you love

The ideal situation is when you understand numerology and choose your most compatible partner for the long run.

But if you already are in a relationship, you’ll find here some pretty useful tips to understand your partner, his/her way of being according to their inner vibration and also understand their behavior.

That way you can adjust your responses to inconveniences and harmonize any situation improving your relationship.

learn couple compatibility to understand your partner

Personality types in numerology

There are 9 number archetypes in numerology corresponding to number vibrations. These are given by the person’s day of birth and are known as inner vibration, Personality or Soul Number. This personality type represents the real self, the way the person thinks and feels about himself/herself, the environment and the world.

Learn more about the symbolism and significance of numbers from 1 to 9 and what attributes each number impresses upon its natives or must be learned to achieve the respective Life Paths.

9 personality types in numerology

Are you living at the right address?

Did you know that actually you don’t choose your house, the house chooses you?… Your house is your castle and is better to choose according to your goals.

Masculine vibrations (1,3,5,7,9) are more active, pushing you out in the street most of the time. Conversely, feminine vibrations (2,4,6,8) are magnetic, attracting you more to stay at home and enjoy comforting life.

is house 8 good for you

Each house has a specific vibration and energy (the spirit of the house). It can embrace or repel you.

  • 1 will support the active ambitious career orientated persons.
  • 2 is best for people who really love each other,
  • in 3 you move to make money and
  • 4 will keep you busy giving you something to do every time.
  • 5 is the hotel type house while
  • 6 is exactly the opposite – a place to raise and grow a family and enjoy a comforting life.
  • 7 is for lonely, solitary people or students while
  • number 8 asks for social ascension and pushes you to accumulate fortunes. (!)
  • 9 should be used for transformation & evolution for shorter periods of time as a catapult into a higher life.

learn the basics of numerology

“Numerology is a tool that can be used for self discovery and personal transformation.” ~ Sonia Coquette

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