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Numerology Compatibility Tips For Marriage & Relationships

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Are you in a relationship? Or even married?

Is everything going smoothly, love is in the air & flowing all around?… Hooray! You’re probably gonna read this article just for fun.

compatibility in numerologyBut if misunderstandings, trouble and routine appeared between you and your partner, these tips below will help improve your relationship.

And better understand your partner to improve your response and behavior in certain situations → using compatibility and complementarity insights from numerology.

When we talk about compatibility in numerology we refer to the Soul Number (Birth Day) as that is one’s true personality, real Self – the vibration of the day of birth, how one thinks and feels about himself and about life, romance, his inner driving, values, baggage (traits & qualities) from a past life.

👉 No matter what social mask (Birth Month) a person is wearing or show off in society, he / she’s gonna think, behave and act according to his / her inner vibration. (Birth Day)

You cannot change a person no matter how much you want to. Don’t think that you can, you’ll just waste your time (even life) trying. Nobody changes unless he chooses to.

And that’s how it should be, because acting against your own nature (vibration) will unbalance you, stress you, fill you with frustration and anger, make you unhappy and eventually get you sick.

Life Path vibration is not without value here. It’s adding some traits to our personality after the age of 28∼33. That’s when we start noticing we’ve changed somehow. We start acting, thinking and wanting different things from life than before. It’s helping us align with our Destiny and enter the path that’s gonna take us there if we choose it.

Because it’s not mandatory, many don’t follow or reach their Destiny. Living unfulfilled lives, settling for whatever they are pushed to do or be – to please others, society or just chasing money or fame.

Thus, knowing a person’s Birth Day we already know what kind of a friend, business partner or lover he / she will be. That is, if you know numerology.

I consider this ancient knowledge a must for anybody wanting to move easily through life and choose the best for themselves.

Now, if you are single there’s still time to read through this site and learn at least the meaning of numbers (archetypes) in Numerology. I assure you this knowledge is going to help you in many ways and situations.

If you already have a partner, I hope that compatibility between you and your partner is more than great. If not, maybe some of these tips below will help to revive that spark from beginning.

useful numerology love compatibility tips

Are you ready?… Let’s go.


Compatibility Tips For Number 1

compatibility tips number 1 numerologyNumber 1 is clearly the leader. (Born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of the Month)

They have strong personalities and love to command. It is best if they’ll consume this solar energy at their jobs or in society. It’s recommended to leave the bossy attitude outside of their home. Nobody wants to live with a boss, but alongside a partner.

If she is number 1

Well, you’ve got yourself a tough one, but maybe that’s why you choose her. She tends to give orders and initiate things. Make her a priority, admire her, tell her that she’s the best. Don’t let yourself dominated, she likes a strong man beside her. She’s even unconsciously hoping / waiting for you to assume the alpha role in the couple, taking this burden off her shoulders. She’s very active, you have to keep up with her energy.  Key takings here – she needs to be constantly admired, valued and considered your number one, the best you could ever have.

If he is number 1

He’s clearly the leading figure in the couple, full of energy, ideas and plans. You need to understand the need for action in his life. He needs support to accomplish his goals whatever they may be. He’s trying his best to lead others to new and innovative paths, to achieve many things in life and offer you more than a good living. Make him forget all his setbacks, hardships and stress from his work through your loving attitude. Welcome him with warming arms, passionate heart and remove his tension using all your feminine skills. Make him feel supported, tell him he’s the best, the one, unique. There’s no one like him.

To fully understand how vibration 1 thinks and behave, best career opportunities and compatibility with other vibrations → read this article about number 1.


Compatibility Tips For Number 2

compatibility tips for number 2Number 2 is the sensible, the emotional. (Born on 2nd, 11th -master vibration, not that emotional, 20th, 29th of the Month)

They are the most sensible, emotional vibration of all. You can easily hurt number 2 with just a word. They suffer and close themselves in or explode overacting in quarrels, tears or dramatic scenes. It’s recommended for people of this vibration to work with themselves over their hypersensitivity and increase their self-esteem.

If she is number 2

You’ve got yourself the most feminine vibration around as a lover, partner, wife. You are lucky! She is kind, loving, romantic, understating. She is a real woman full of feminine energy that will embrace, nourish, charge and complement your masculinity. She is the very essence of Yin and you should be (’cause she expects you to) responding with Yang energies. Meaning she needs to fell loved, secured, protected, supported, encouraged.

Give her all that and she’ll love you forever, she’ll pour so much love and caresses over you that you’ll feel overwhelmed. She loves love – she is the definition of “romantic”. She needs to be courted, flattered, enchanted. She needs poetry, romantic encounters, long walks and meaningful conversations. Give her the proper foreplay in bed and she will totally abandon herself and make you feel & realize what ‘making love’ really means.

If he is number 2

Despite his appearance, he’s a very shy and emotional man on the inside. He is not the ferocious male and fighter even being a strong athlete or having lots of muscles on his body. Don’t be fooled by his appearance, a vibration 2 can be hurt easily and become anxious when too much pressure is put upon him. He may not accept criticism and may avoid big responsibilities if he fells unsupported.

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Understand that a man of 2 will need constant reassuring and support from you as his partner. Gently encourage him to dare more, plan more and do more. It’s hard for him to choose and make decisions. He will feel supported and trust himself more about taking action and taking more chances in life if you stand firmly behind him. He’s also very romantic, appreciates beauty and art and strives for peaceful, understating relations with everybody. He seeks to create harmonious environments in both romantic and business relationships.

To fully understand how vibration 2 thinks and behave, best career opportunities and compatibility with other vibrations → read this article about number 2.


Compatibility Tips For Number 3

Number 3 is the artist, the showman. (Born on 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of the Month)

The most creative vibration in love with arts, music, dance and everything creative and expansive. He needs to shine and stand out. Due to his innate expansionism and creativity, number 3 often get to start many projects but end up completing just a few. It’s recommended for a 3 to concentrate upon a singe project at a time and get it to completion. Then, start another one so he may reach fulfillment and brig happiness in his life. 3 is also the childish of all vibrations.

If she is number 3

She definitively won you through her charm and shiny nature. She likes to get attention, to be in the middle of the crowd and turn heads. She is very talented and have many hobbies apart from her career. She has a sparkling, attracting personality, speaks with ease and likes to have many friends. Which she usually has and will fill your house with all sort of parties and gatherings.

She likes to travel and experience lots of things. Her communication skills are unmatched and she knows how to have (and make you have) a good time. Unfortunately she is also a big spender, you’ll better manage the finances in your home because she tends to buy all sort of thing just “to be there”. Take her in vacations, allow her “girl chatter” times and understand her need for expansion. It will make her happy. She’s also very jealous and can make you scenes. be aware of that.

If he is number 3

Your man loves people, novelties, expansion and experiences. His enthusiasm and joy for life attracts many friends from both sexes. You have to understand that. He may begin many things that don’t have chances to see completion. Tactfully advise and encourage him to approach just one at a time to concentrate upon. He also loves traveling and experience new things and cultures.

He’s charming and you know that. He’s ability to establish contacts with everyone, magnetic personality and joyful nature make him very popular and wanted wherever he goes. He makes money easily but spends them with the same speed. You better manage the finance of the family because he’s not the materialist type.

He is romantic enough and if you play your cards right, he may become addicted to you. A 3 is jealous and may start unpleasant discussions if he considers you looked too much at another man. Make him feel your star that plays the most important role in your life. Understand and tolerate his need to bring friends over unannounced and his tendency to become the center of attention among them. After all, that’s what attracted you in the first place.

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Compatibility Tips For Number 4

Number 4 is the traditionalist, the workaholic. (Born on 4th, 12th, 22nd, 31st of the Month)

The most dull and emotionless lives are lived by vibration 4 people. Their ambitious and methodical nature often immerse them into hard labor and struggle. Life tends to be full of obstacles and every achievement comes after intense and sustained effort. But that never stops a strong headed 4! It’s recommended that 4s take a more lighter approach on life and enjoy more the beautiful and emotional side of living.

If she is number 4

She is a strong, hard working, traditionalist woman that likes order and stability in her personal and professional life. Her house and space in always tidy, clean and everything is placed where it should be. Don’t come home and throw your stuff all around the house as if you have a maid instead of a wife. She’ll pick them off behind you but make you a scene in the same time. Try to respect her requirements & efforts of maintaining a clean and ‘perfectly organized’ house.

She tends to work too much and never find enough time for herself. Encourage her to increase her femininity, to visit beauty spas and hair saloon more frequently. Surprise her by taking her out to dinner or parties to infuse more life, laughter and joy into her methodical existence. Take her dancing, in city-brakes and organize relaxing family times to charge her batteries, relax and replenish. On the sensual side, she’s not the exotic type – she consider sex should be done in privacy, intimacy, with lights off, just like in old times. She is the traditional type and needs to fell secure and safe to abandon herself and wants to always be treated like a lady, not a slut.

If he is number 4

He is ambitious and strong, reliable and career orientated. A real pillar of stability for his family and society. You can rely on this man to provide for you and your children and build a strong relationship to resist in time. He’s organized and manage his life according to rules and regulations – if not his, those of the environment or society. He likes to plan things ahead up to the finest details. Don’t expect him to elope and marry you without his family knowing about it. He’s not spontaneous and moreover he’s traditionalist, he needs roots and family beside him in such major step of his life. His family play an important role in 4’s life.

He may immerse himself in sustained effort and long hours at work trying to achieve his career goals for a secured lifestyle. His ambition and stubbornness are hardly encountered in other vibrations – so be aware that he’ll not abandon a plan once he puts his mind to it. It’s your job to welcome him home with a relaxing atmosphere, active listening, open communication, maybe a romantic dinner and a more relaxing bath together.

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Spicing up your passionate moments together lies upon you. Try some role playing or wear sensual lingerie to infuse more color and passion in 4’s sexuality and spark emotions despite his dull personality. Don’t go overboard though, 4 is not that opened about this.

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Compatibility Tips For Number 5

compatibility tips for number 5Number 5 is the black sheep, the Joker. (Born on 5th, 14th, 23rd of the Month)

If 4 is all about rules, boundaries and regulations – 5 is exactly the opposite. He loves freedom of thinking and expression, cannot stay put, cannot stand boundaries and he’s the Don Juan type. Sorry, ladies! You’ve been warned. 🙂 It’s recommended for 5 to bring a little stability in his life if he wants to start a family and enjoy a peaceful relationship. But 5s are not exactly made for that!

If she is number 5

She’s magnetic and her effervescent and active personality charmed and hooked you before you knew it. And if we get into her enhanced sensuality and passionate nature it’s no wonder you become addicted. A 5 can do that, can inflict addiction upon others. She’s eager to experience much in life and hard to stop at just one life long partner. Hard, but not impossible. Provided you’ll satisfy her thirst for experience, lust for life and give her sensations at all levels – you can enjoy a long-lasting sensual partner that will satisfy all your dreams (daytime or night).

She’s independent and her self esteem is high, so she’s not easy to tame or dominate. She likes to play in life and take everything easy. If you want to keep such a woman, don’t let her feel bored beside you.

If he is number 5

Well, a vibration 5 guy is definitively a lover boy. And in this field he’s the best, trust me on this. His charming, sparkling personality attracts girls like flies around him. He knows how to seduce and makes his best to really satisfy a woman, of that I’m sure you agree with me. On that part you have no complaints to make. That’s probably what keeps you attached.

Because he has a hard time remaining loyal and not looking around every time he walks out of the house. It’s in his nature. He’s always searching and needing new experiences in life. New ways to taste and explore what life’s got to offer. 5 may get to such an extent that he may appeal to alcohol, drugs or extreme sports to experience and feel new sensations.

Vibration 5 is changing, moody, restless, always on the roads and somehow hard to rely on if considering starting a family with him. He’s the least suited for a family life of all vibrations. My advice is to live every moment with him as it is, and take future decisions knowing it may be risky. There’s nothing stable with this vibration. 5 means and represents CHANGE.

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Compatibility Tips For Number 6

compatibility for number 6Number 6 looks for harmony and balance. (Born on 6th, 15th, 24th of the Month)

If you wanted a family partner, he’s the one. Loves home and comfort, is the best educator and will defend his family like no other. It’s recommended for 6 to lose the prying attitude and he’s annoying habit of telling everyone what to do. Pay attention to eating habits: 6s tend to accumulate weight faster than other numbers and lose it harder.

If she is number 6

She is the archetype of the mother, the house wife. If your woman is vibration 6, you chose well in life. She is loving, protective, the perfect wife and mother for your kids. She looks for balance and harmony in her life and create peaceful situations around her. She has good taste in home decoration and will fill your house with such warmth and comfort that you’ll find hard to leave such a place.

All she wants from you is to be a good husband and father and help her along assuming your part of family responsibilities. She does more than enough so your life together flows smoothly without any shortcomings through her dedication and capacity to nourish, heal and support. Vibration 6 is sensual and endowed with enhanced sexual abilities and appetite, so here’s another plus to chose 6 to be your wife.

If he is number 6

He’s the father figure and perfect husband. Number 6 loves family and always plans to raise a large one. That’s his main goal in life: to enjoy a harmonious life, filled with friends and happy memories with his loved ones around him. He enjoys comfort, likes to eat well, dress well and also enjoy sexuality. He’s pragmatic and hard working, striving to assure his family a comfortable lifestyle. He is overly protective, you’ll feel safe with him in any situation. (You don’t want to mess with 6’s family or friends!)

For a happily ever after all you have to do is be a good, dedicated wife, mother and occasionally social entertainer. He takes pride in his family and will do his best to make and maintain good relations with his neighbors, friendly connections and a pleasant, secure environment around his house.

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Compatibility Tips For Number 7

compatibility for number 7Number 7 is the intellectual. (Born on 7th, 16th, 25th of the Month)

7 loves to study and understand the meaning of things. He likes solitude and usually settles down later in life, if ever. He’s very selective and has few real close friends. It is recommend for 7 to be more grounded and more social to enhance life’s savoriness.

If she is number 7

It may be hard to get to her, due to her high requirements about seeing you as a potential partner. And by that I mean intellectual requirements. You have to fascinate her mind and demonstrate to be above her both in knowledge as in education. She admires erudite individuals dedicated, like her, to discover life’s truths and mysteries. She has a noble, ethical attitude and she’s not at all interested in superficial and sparkling things. You must prove to be a serious, trustworthy, reliable person for her to begin to pay attention to you.

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Once in loved with you, she’ll be a loyal, dedicated, serene and graceful wife. Her feelings are deep and long term. Just don’t disappoint her or break her trust. She’ll put up with bad behavior for a while, but when her patience runs out, she’ll never look back.

If he is number 7

He’s fascinating from the very first impression with his mystic aura and vast area of knowledge and information he seems to detain. He’s talking is like mentoring and that attracts you and make you admire such a man. But he’s the lonely type and likes to be alone most of the time to think and meditate about deep, universal mysteries.

If he decide to settle down and look for a partner, he tends to search for a woman with the same interests as his. She must be educated, intelligent, feminine, calm and understand his need for personal, alone time. He’s not the show off type and will never manifest his affection in public or through words. A 7 likes to show and demonstrate that he loves and appreciate you. He may be quite passionate when profound feelings are involved. He is loyal and will not risk his marriage for a one night adventure.

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Compatibility Tips For Number 8

number 8 compatibilityNumber 8 is materialist and goal orientated. (Born on 8th, 17th, 26th of the Month)

It’s not that 8 cannot love, but he’s main interest and direction in life is social ascension, high lifestyle and accumulation of money and goods. It is recommended for 8 to lighten up, release some of that tension from his continuous drive for money and enjoy more the wonder of living.

If she is number 8

She is (must be) gorgeous. Her need for status and good image makes her continuously care about and improve her appearance. She needs to fell and look like a fashion icon. She loves good life and traveling often so she’ll relentlessly search for a man capable to support this kind of lifestyle. She likes to be admired and adore complements even when made just out of courtesy.

Filling her cards will make her happy and you’ll be rewarded with passionate, intense moments worthy of memorizing. Tell her how beautiful she is, that she looks good, admire her in front of other people. Surprise her with exclusive and expensive presents and you’ll keep her in your life. She’s not excelling in domestic activities, because her main interests are social ascension and social life & activities. A vibration 8 woman is usually a beautiful, intelligent, supportive asset for a man’s image and career and less a devoted wife.

If he is number 8

His ambition and high goals in life makes him work hard and try everything and anything to achieve success. He aims for leading positions in business or politics and wants to amass fortunes. That doesn’t mean that he cannot love. Just that love is not he’s priority in life.

His strong personality makes him dominant and possessive in relationships. If you chose number 8 as a partner you must understand and comply with his impetuosity, need for dedication and submission. A relationship with number 8 can be difficult and agitated, but never boring. You need to offer him understanding, maintaining harmony and a peaceful atmosphere at home. Support his goals and objectives and he’ll shower you with money and passionate moments. Especially when he just achieved something, he likes to celebrate in style.

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Compatibility Tips For Number 9

number 9 compatibilityNumber 9 is spiritual. (Born on 9th, 18th, 27th of the Month)

Compassionate and intelligent, philanthropist, philosopher and influential, transforming and restless, number 9 is purely fascinating. It is recommended for number 9 to be more cautious about the persons he trust. 9’s good faith and naivety often gets him disappointments in life.

If she is number 9

She’s a hopeless romantic with a big heart. Her kind and pleasant nature attracts many attention seekers and she hardly can say no when it comes to helping those in need. She is noble, educated, friendly, seems calm and serene but inside is unsure and torn. She’s a dreamer and idealist, continuously searching for the perfect man. The knight in shining armor has long disappeared from this realm, so it’s time that she confront some real life offerings.

She’s also overemotional and likes drama. She may exaggerate things out of proportions. This vibration has good communicative skills and is quite tolerant, up to a point. When she really loves, she’s quite jealous and possessive. Her sharp thinking and powerful mind blessed her with great intuitive and psychic abilities, so do not try to lie or act behind her back.

She needs love and feel loved more than anything. Her sensibility longs for harmony and peace and will be a loving wife and devoted mother. She’s a keeper and you know that.

If he is number 9

A number 9 man is more restless, agitated and active than a 9 woman. He’s dedicated to spiritual development and wants to become the best version he can be. Fascinating, intelligent, attractive honest and loyal, vibration 9 will fall in love often until he finds the one. His feelings although profound and real remain mostly hidden as number 9 doesn’t like to express them, especially in public.

9 will love family life, although being individualist and needing freedom to move. He somehow manages to adapt to these multiple sides of his personality. He’s quite temperamental and emotional so learn to handle his aggressive outbreaks. But he’s also romantic and kind, sensitive and loving, a real pleasure to be with. He values tranquility, balance and understating in his life, so he’ll remain in a relationship as long as those need are met.

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