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Life Path 6 Numerology Meaning & Best Careers For You

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Number 6 in numerology represents balance, harmony, tranquility and stability. The number of marriage, family and home. 6 represents the housewife, the mother, the housekeeper, feminine love and home comfort. The principle of sensitivity and sexuality, of human existence.

This feminine vibration is sheltered from potential misfortunes or misery other feminine numbers may be affected from. It’s a perfect, flawless number which doesn’t fall apart under influences of opposed forces contained within.number 6 in numerology

6 also represents multiplication and accumulation. Beside 3 and 8, 6 is a money number.

THE PROTECTOR, THE TEACHER. Responsible, healer, conventional, harmonious, balanced. The need for stability, comfort and a solid home. Loves family traditions and he’s health orientated. 6 also talks about the animal aspect of human being, the hunting instinct.

  • Element → Water
  • Day → Wednesday
  • Planet → Venus
  • Energy → Yin
  • ColorIndigo


Movement: outwards, harmonizing, healing, nurturing, searching to achieve balance.

Positives: responsible, balanced, caring, protector, understanding, trustworthy, practical, grounded, hunter, helpful, empathic, kind, sensual, loving, tender, idealist, friendly, loyal.

Negatives: anxious, aggressive, dependent, feels guilty, intolerant, controller, cruel, greedy, exigent, jealous, may compromise, resentful, reluctant, lazy, shy.

Fears: lack of resources, lack of love.

birth day number 6 in numerology

Personality / Soul Number 6

If you’re born on any of these dates: 6, 15, or 24 of the month → your Inner Vibration is 6. You are kind, loving, generous and you’re mostly preoccupied by home and family life. Because only the happiness and tranquility of your home will provide sense to your existence.

People born under vibration 6 are harmonious, serene, honest, loyal, friendly, with big hearts and good taste. They tend to cooperate and accept compromise if they need to. They feel at large and happy with their family and in familiar environments, but get very anxious and uncertain in new, unknown places.

The divine purpose of those born under vibration 6 is to assure the well being of those around them (especially for their family), to protect, to provide love and harmony, to love and be loved. They are noble characters, generous, trustworthy and exude calm, reassurance and safety.

They need to be surrounded by harmony, beauty and comfort. That’s why they permanently strive to improve the lifestyle and conditions of their loved ones. They want to feel proud about their home and family members.

Their devotion being so high, worries about family problems can outweigh the attention owed to their own problems. When it comes to any exterior menacing factor to their conjugal stability they will lose their temper and react violently. Souls number 6 will do anything to save their marriage.

Personality 6 can get easily emotional up to tears, being impressionable people not always ready to confront the cruelty of modern life. Idealistic, altruist, charitable and understanding they are always willing to offer help and support to those in need. They are defenders of righteousness and human rights.

Tender, serene, pleasant companions they make themselves loved by those around them through their tactful and charming personality. They know how to make friends and keep them. You can always count on 6’s responsibility and loyalty. Although cheerful, witty and sociable people, they should consider not wearing out their interlocutors.

Their logical, analytical thinking and common sense validate the trust others manifest about 6’s advice and input which are always welcomed. Number 6 are serious, tidy, scrupulous people always aiming for perfection, harmony and balance. Pushed to extremes, those qualities can become negative and 6 can become too detail orientated wasting precious energy over little things.

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They may encompass two personalities. 6s are hard working and capable of great efforts to accomplish their goals, but sometimes they need a little impulse to overcome passivity. This dual personality makes them capable of shifting from powerful and daring to uncertain and hard to accept indolence.

type 6 personality

Positive Traits Of Number 6 In Numerology

A positive 6 is a sincere, respected, tender, care giving, loving person. People turning to number 6 for counseling and support regain their trust, tranquility and peace of mind because nothing pleases more a 6 than bringing harmony and well being among others. They love to serve and be of service.

6s are peaceful, great teachers, wonderful healers, nurturers and know how to entertain. They are protective and responsible, pragmatic with a light touch, keep their circle of friends small but close to their heart. Their home is always warm, welcoming and beautifully, tastefully arranged. A 6 is that friend you want to have.

number 6 negative traits

Negative Traits Of Number 6 In Numerology

Number 6 likes to share his unsolicited opinion, interfering and telling everyone what’s best for them and what they should do. Traditionalist and moralist, 6 doesn’t always understand others point of view.

Excessive worries & concern can make them possessive and intransigent even with their family members. They can become jealous, susceptible and meddling in other people’s affairs creating unpleasant moments for everyone.

A negative 6 can also neglect responsibilities, become lazy and amplify difficulties meditating over sometimes imaginary problems. They can get to extreme stubbornness, refusing to directly confront problems or certain situations calling for sustained, considerable efforts.

Their are quite dangerous when really pissed off. For a brief moment they can transform and even become diabolic, harnessing such unthinkable force that blinds their mind and makes them capable of anything. Don’t mess with a 6, especially regarding his family!

life path 6 destiny in numerology

Life Path 6 – The Teacher, The Protector

To calculate your Life Path add all digits of your Birth Day, Month and Year one by one then reduce it to one digit number.

Ex: If you’re born on 19 July 1996 your Life Path is Number 6.

1+9+7+1+9+9+6=42 → 4+2=6

Destiny→ Builds his life around family values, dedication, devotion to a group, family, nation. Harmonious and balanced existence.

Qualities to acquire → creative, balanced, harmonious, responsible, honest, guide, fair, righteous, understanding, peaceful.

If you’re Life Path (Destination) is Number 6 you have to become a balanced and responsible mentor, guide, tutor, protector for your family and your tribe.

  • Direction: to learn the joy of responsibility
  • Opportunities: to be creative and generate harmony


Recommended Jobs & Careers

They are capable to shine in many activities, once they trust their own forces and abilities. Any activity regarding homes, community, administration, supplying, serving, cooking, repairing, selling is recommended for number 6.

Being good advisors and counselors, their attention can be orientated towards helping others. The more number 6 applies and manifest these qualities, the more happy and fulfilled they’ll feel. 6s can succeed as great parents, educators, professors, beauty or health consultants, social workers, assistants, counselors, coaches, trainers, healers, nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, speakers.

Number 6 is gifted with creative and artistic abilities, a sense of balance, movement and beauty. They can be great writers, translators, librarians, poets, painters, sculptors, actors. dancers, musicians, composers, singers, designers, decorators.

love and couple compatibility for number 6

Number 6 Love & Compatibility

— Compatibilities are ALWAYS made between Soul Numbers, not Life Paths (!) —

Tender and affectionate, they openly offer their love but also need to feel loved and protected. Emotional, sensible, romantic and idealistic they become very vulnerable when it comes to problems concerning their sentimental side. This vulnerability sometimes makes them consume and suffer too much over insignificant problems.

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They take love seriously and value deep connections because their feelings are intense and profound. 6s manifest their interest towards their loved ones with tenderness and delicacy.

Being the vibration of sensuality and replication, 6s have high sexual necessities and they enjoy sex with enormous pleasure. They are always searching for “true love” and, until they find it, 6 may be labeled as “changeable”, even slutty. But once they are really in love, they want to get married, get settled and raise a large and happy family.

Their ideal partner is another number 6, with the same character and personality as theirs. They can also find balance and happiness with number 2 due to their reserved, tactful, loving and serene personality.

Joyful and dynamic 3 and 5 can attract number 6, but compromises have to be made regarding 3’s restlessness and 5’s lack of responsibility that may alienate a pragmatic 6. Number 4 is to too reserved, serious and rigid, thus a life with 4 may feel boring & monotone to a 6.

The protective 6 allows himself to be protected by numbers 8 and 1 and will accept without resistance their authority in relationship, making number 6 feel secure and confident.

Relationships between 6 and 7 or 9 can be somehow problematic, but those can last if both numbers are willing to meet half way and fine tune eventual shortcomings.

6 and 9 are similar in kindness, altruism and dedication to their fellows, but the spirited and daring nature of 9 can be too much for a prudent and conservative 6. Number 7 is too profound and reserved for a ‘crazy’ passionate 6, too introvert to be understood, thus their life together will be tedious and completely unhappy if they cannot find bridges for common ground.

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