Hello and welcome!

I’m Mar, a girl who’s passionate about good things in life such food, cooking, nature, health, well being and also fascinated by spirituality and numerology.

I find numerology a special knowledge that can guide us in this 3 dimensional Matrix that we’re all living in to achieve fulfillment on our life path, to enjoy and savor all that life has to offer for each and every one of us.

That fascinated me and I started to read and study different materials about numerology and later on also attended numerology classes to further enhance my knowledge in this science.

I came to the conclusion that EVERYONE should come across this knowledge and use it for a better understanding and easy ride on this adventure called LIFE.


You’ve got a divine gift designed to serve the world. It’s a special something – small and mighty – that merges passion with purpose, and purpose with joy. Your own LIFE PATH, along with your own qualities and abilities to help you walk on it. And it’s encrypted in your date of birth.

This simple yet powerful belief is why I’ve built this site out of a desire to serve, and share the real power and importance of numbers in our lives.

I find it important to learn the meaning of numbers in numerology, how this knowledge can help us on everyday basis, learning what is our life path, which career is best for us, what are our capabilities on physical, mental, energetic and spiritual planes, in which way the vibration of our home resonates with us or rejects us (by the way – the house chooses us, not the other way around) and much more.

All of that can be learned trough the science of numerology and by deciphering our personal birth code. All the numbers in our birth date contain our cosmic cipher/code, a folder that a numerologist can tap into and read and know all about us without needing any other information from us → our Psychomatrix Numerology Chart.

One can walk on it’s Life Path and easily achieve success and fulfillment on all life’s planes supported by the Universe, or can side track and walk the wrong way.

Even if he’ll achieve financial success or enjoy fame and glory he’ll feel that something is missing or run into health problems, relationship crises or other obstacles and losses.

Being born under a certain life path, you have unique capabilities and abilities, strong assets – you should learn what they are and what you could/should do with them to enjoy life to the fullest.

I hope reading through this site will bring you valuable information and knowledge for you to use in making better decisions to put you on your OWN Life Path if you’re not on it already.

Read, learn and use. That’s my recommendation.

And if you find it valuable, please share it so others can enjoy and use it in their lives also. Thank you.