your golden minute for manifestation in numerology

Your Golden Minute: Your Opened Channel To Source

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The Golden Minute – once a day, everyday. The magic of numbers and numerology. Do you believe in miracles?

your golden minute for manifestation in numerology

What if I tell you that everyone has a special, powerful magic personal minute (60 seconds) from 1440 (1+4+4+0=9) seconds of the 24 hours day (2+4=6) in which intentions, wishes and desires can be heard and answered by the Universe?…

Your Magic Golden Minute

Every person has during a 24 hour day (according to numerology) his or her personal magic minute in which he/she can convey his/her desire to the Universe – which will come to pass later on if used consistently for as least 21 days in a row.

This mystical moment is called ‘The Golden Minute’ in numerology, although its value is priceless. These 60 second are priceless because they open up a direct communication channel with the Universe/Multiverse for every person on Earth.

Like a portal to other dimensions.

In this time interval man has a direct opened line to the primordial Source which will listen carefully to man’s transmitted information and requests.

Source will process all of them and according to man’s centrifugal (masculine) force will endow him with the necessary mental force, information and psyche in order to fulfill his wish.

In order for this to happen, man will have to use his centripetal (feminine) energetic principle and act, using the necessary energy to achieve his desire.

The Universe will provide the form and man will have to fill and bring it into existence. Thus, combining the forces of Cosmos (all knowing) and Nature (world, life) man can achieve his desire being an offspring of those 2 forces.

Like any child who asks something from his mother and father, man will be helped. The Cosmos has the info, Nature has the matter.

Of course, the realization of his desire is not instantaneous. It will take some time depending of the complexity of the wish, the component elements and the number of necessary implied processes to attract the manifestation of his desire.

Mind Your Mind

We must be very careful about what we think and feel in this 60 seconds, because at cosmic level the notions of good and bad have different significations, incomprehensible by the human mind.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to feel, think and speak badly about yourself in this magical moment and this thought was powerful enough – the Universe will take this thought and give it form, considering it wishful thinking and desire.

Everything we say, feel or powerfully live in this minute will be noticed, noted and considered towards manifestation as our wish.

Even from ancient times people talked about the magic minute in which everything you think, feel, talk or live can harness the power of manifestation.

Preparation & Method

It is better to set the alarm a couple of minutes before your golden minute arrives to have time to relax and prepare. You must use this minute with maximum efficiency to attain maximum results.

I like to stand facing East, but you can use your preferred position. Take a few deep breaths and place one hand on your solar plexus. Your body must be relaxed, your mind clear and beholding the image of your wished already fulfilled. Embody that state.

You must be confident that it is so. You must feel grateful that your desire is already fulfilled and express that to the Universe in a few simple words loudly for the whole 60 seconds.

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Use powerful, positive affirmations in the present tense as you already have what you desire. Ex:

“I am powerful. I trust myself that I can realize everything I desire.”

“I am healthy, interesting, attractive, people love to help me and enjoy my company.”

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“With great joy and satisfaction I receive a ‘$xxxx’ monthly income with increased benefits for everyone involved.”

It’s best to formulate desires pertaining to states of being (feeling) rather than material realizations, as those may take more time and attract upon yourself hurt or suffering for their realization.

Whereas if you desire to feel ‘powerful’, ‘happy’, ‘grateful about your life’ – those will realize quickly and will even imply money and material things if the Universe will consider necessary and appropriate.

If you live (feel) as a king on the inside, your crown and castle will come to you without you having to fight for them.

If you’ll live, feel, think and act like a slave, always unsatisfied with your life, then even if you’ll fight for a crown and castle all your life you’re not gonna get them.

And even if you get them, this will be for a short period of time and may lead you to your end.

Not everything man desires is for his own benefit.

For every wish to be beneficial and useful, before loudly speak your wishes into words – think that everything you desire, say or imagine may come to you quickly and easily and always be beneficial to your soul, spirit and everyone around.

To bring joy, growth and development, not just pleasure.

That’s it. Go about your day until tomorrow at the same time. Repeat this ritual until your desire will manifest.

At least 21 days in a row. Try it and see what it will bring. After all, what have you got to lose? A minute?… 🙂

Note*: If a desire do not come to pass even after trying to manifest it for a long time, that means the Universe found it inappropriate for you and might even saved you from bad things related to that desire.

Always trust that the Universe knows better and be grateful.

How To Calculate Your Daily Golden Minute

So, when will this golden minute appear in those 24 hours of the day? When is your magical daily moment and how to calculate it? The method is quite simple.

If you where born between 1st – 24th of the month → the day of the month is the hour and the number of the month is the minute.

So, if you were born on 6 August(8) your Golden Minute flows from 6.08 to 6.09 of the day. (AM)

Pay attention to everything you feel, think, speak and radiate in this minute. As you are in this moment will tell the Universe to copy and reproduce more of it in your life as the direct channel between you and the Source is opened.

Since each day has only 24 hours, for those born from 25th to 31st of the month things are inverted: the day of birth becomes the minute and the number of the month becomes the hour.

Ex: if you were born on 27 November(11), your golden magical minute flows from 11.27 to 11.28. (AM)

So, the days 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 of the month will represent minutes & the birth month will represent the hour.

This minute is calculated conform to the local time where you find yourself at the time of the day.

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Happy manifesting and please share!

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