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House Number 9 Numerology: Positive & Negative Aspects

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House number 9 holds both positive and negative energy fields. If you’re a positive, optimist person then you will feel good and everything will go fine in such a house.

numerology house number 9But if you are melancholic, love drama, you’re mostly a pessimist holding on to a victim mentality then this is not a good house for you to live in.

The energy of this house asks for generosity and altruism from its residents.


Numerology Calculation For House Number 9

Calculation for house number 9 in numerology: we add every digit and letter of the house number and reduce it to just one digit.

numerical values for letters in numerology

  • 306=3+0+6=9
  • 99=9+9=18 =>> 1+8=9
  • 25B=2+5+2=9

Number 9 does not forgive those who make mistakes, nor those who poses a weak character. It’s strong.

It’s better to use this house as a stepping stone for a short period of time to evolve yourself and then move into a more passive, warming, attracting (feminine) energy number (2,4,6,8) to live and raise a family in.


House Number 9 – Positives

The spirit of the house sustains those who love to inspire and help others, the altruists, those who want to change the world for the better, who express love and compassion for humanity.

It also require continuous changes about the house (new decorations, furniture, arrangements) and from people who live there. Residents are supported to constantly change themselves, to renew, to always develop and transform themselves spiritually and on all life levels.

is house 9 good for you

House Number 9 – Negatives

House number 9 is a strong, unforgiving number. If you are not a good, compassionate, loving person but more of an egocentric type – then better avoid such a house.

If you are not willing to always change and transform as a human being and evolve, the energy of this house will expel you. Or, if you insist to stay there – it will even cause you health problems.


Who Can Benefit From House 9 Energy?

This number is ideal to use as a headquarter for any non-profit organization looking to help people and nature. That does good deeds and share with others.

This space can be an ideal location to use for medical care, healing, psychology, counseling, social work, teaching, meditating, yoga, retreats, motivational or spiritual gatherings.

All altruists, people that feel their mission is to help others and act in that direction, people with good heart, people conscious and aware of their divine nature and empaths are welcomed and will fell supported in this house.numerology house number 9

House 9 Warnings

House 9 is ruled by the fire element as house number 1. The energy is strong and very active. Take care of all electrical installations and everything that can start a fire.


House 9 Recommendations

It is recommended to place in any corner of the house a small piece of diamond, topaz or a metal like iron. It’s also recommended the presence of a image or statue representing an athletic man.



House number 9 is best to be used as a business office / headquarter or use such apartment for a short period of time to study, develop and transform yourself into a better, spiritually evolved human being.

For a warm, cozy home feeling choose a more passive energy number that will attract you more to stay indoors and enjoy family life.

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