number 8 numerology

Life Path Number 8 Meaning In Numerology & Best Careers

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Number 8 in numerology represents money, power and authority. 8 is powerful, strong, tough, practical and inclined towards business. It’s the most powerful vibration of the numerology chart and also represents the world/social life and materialization (4+4). It has to do with success or failure, material accumulation or losses, social ascension or falling as supreme justice.

number 8 numerology

THE GODFATHER. 8 symbolizes the principle of domination, control and success. He makes the rules and imposes them on everybody. Natural born leader who takes major decisions and reach any goal.  He tends to be formal, rigid and not at all malleable. He fells comfortable in the material world, surrounded by tangible things. Has the potential to become extraordinary if/when he’ll develop spiritual connection and intuition. His lesson is compassion.

  • Element → Earth
  • Day → Saturday
  • Planet → Saturn
  • Energy → Yin
  • ColorPink


Movement: active, outwards, towards social ascension, to achieve money and power.

Positives: powerful, organizer, pragmatic, determined, courageous, active, goal orientated, energetic, efficient, ambitious, loyal, intelligent, influential, responsible, high self-esteem.

Negatives: arrogant, manipulative, judgemental, rigid, furious, cold, materialistic, cruel, revengeful, jealous, unscrupulous, greedy, tends to place himself above law.

Fears: losing control, poverty, being average.

birth day number 8 numerology

Personality / Soul Number 8

If you’re born on any of these dates: 8, 17, or 26 of the month → your Inner Vibration is 8 and it nudges you to pursue social ascension and material accumulation. 8 is a real force, a vibration so powerful that it’s very hard to escape its influence.

The life of a 8 is never simple, though. The possibility of massive losses, bad luck or resounding bankruptcy for 8 is twice as higher than in case of a 4, because 8 tends to climb up on high positions in society, likes to be watched and admired, wants to lead and to be taken into consideration, to be ‘someone’.

On the positive side, 8 can amass great fortune and success in shorter periods of time or get important authoritative positions where he can exercise power and influence over others – which is exactly what fulfills number 8.

That’s the duality of 8: people governed by this vibration can rapidly succeed even up to the highest position in state, gain fame or massive fortune faster than other numbers – but if unbalanced or not respecting universal laws they can descend and fall so quickly down to the lowest levels of being arrested or left in the streets.

People of 8 are very active, energetic, efficient, capable and very sure of themselves. They have powerful personalities and are great initiators. Extremists, ambitious, fighters, determined and very courageous – these people do not fear anything, daring to do things others are just dreaming of. They don’t do anything before analyzing and knowing all there is to know about that specific task.

Conscious about his power of concentration and self control, 8 is determined to work hard and risks all to attain his goals. Realizing that everything depends on his willpower, 8 doesn’t conceive the existence of a force capable to stop him.

These people will always succeed reaching high/top positions in life no matter their starting point, being born under such a ‘winning’ vibration. They posses a very efficient, constructive, pragmatic and realist thinking — seeing things exactly as they are.

Being so radical and extremist, type 8 personality will not accept ambiguity or half measures. It’s yes or no, white or black, all or nothing. They admire those who succeed and  despise failure and mediocrity.

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Harsh, even brutal with those incommoding them, 8s become generous, spontaneous, considerate and sympathetic with those responding their interests.

Although 8s manifest all the necessary qualities to materialize their goals, their success in life will be conditioned by factors such as: moderated ambition, balancing their work capacity, forgiveness, considering the spiritual side of existence.

type 8 personality

Positive Traits Of Number 8 In Numerology

They put courage, discipline and concentration in everything they do. Very active and efficient, often endowed with strong minds, they are independent, progressive, honest and righteous. They loathe lies and deceit, you always know where you stand with number 8. They face all life’s hardships and know to assume obligations. Sincerity, responsibility and integrity are other important positive traits.

Similar to number 1, 8 is a natural born leader – he likes to lead, organize, create, demand and dominate. Those around him, not only convinced of his value but thrilled to submit and let him lead (and facing trouble alone) will accept 8’s decisions without contesting them.

Their force and magnetism are contagious. Being astute and good psychologists 8s detain a powerful convincing ability which brings them fame and influence in time. Having a wide and comprehensive foresight over things, 8 will fight only to win.

8s posses an elevated spirit of justice and ethics. They always try to be impartial, honest and objective.

number 8 personality negative traits

Negative Traits Of Number 8 In Numerology

Negative 8s can be unpleasant, unlikable, egoist, cruel and revengeful. They are feisty spirits hard to accommodate to. Number 8 is cunning, rapacious and constant in his activity. Ambition and perseverance are present in everything he does.

They don’t like frivolous, gossipy individuals or flatterers, even if 8s themselves are manifesting like that in their closed circle of people. In society, they are severe and direct. It’s not a problem for 8 to bully or manhandle a person that’s not in his circle of friends.

Many of them like to fight. quarrel or dispute, especially when they have motives. They don’t stand to be humbled or offended and will respond back with the same power and using the same means. Their revenge is something you don’t want to mess with. When they believe in something or someone they can become fanatic, not being able to maintain a balanced positioning.

Overly preoccupied by material side of life, a negative 8 will not hesitate to use any (legal or illegal) means to achieve his objectives. He becomes unscrupulous when it comes to using his power to get what he wants. Extremely stubborn, intolerant and intransigent, he seems incapable of understating or compassion.

Lack of spirituality, coldness, exigence, toughness and ego-centrism turn him into a petty dictator capable of disturbing /destroying the life of those around him.

Number 8 may forget to manifest affection towards his loved ones and he’s not so great in domestic aspects of life. When he gets too ambitious and greedy, he starts to attract trouble and misfortunes.

life path number 8 destiny in numerology

Life Path 8 – The Ambitious, The Organizer

The life path vibration will begin to manifest in your life after the age of 28. To find out your Life Path number, add all digits from your birth date one by one and reduce the result to one digit.

Ex: If you’re born on 13 November 1973 your Life Path is Number 8.

1+3+1+1+1+9+7+3=26 → 2+6=8

Destiny→ Achieving material success and social power. Financial activities such as: banking, commercial transactions, investments. Destiny path presenting with many ups and downs.

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Qualities to acquire→ determination, courage, willpower, pragmatism, ambition, principles, persistence, integrity, dignity, efficiency, resilience.

If you’re Life Path (Destination) is Number 8 you’re destined to become a influential person, to attain social authority and good financial situation. To occupy a position of power, or master & detain any kind of power: power of beauty, influence, intellect or spoken word.

  • Direction: learn to establish precise goals & objectives
  • Opportunities: to become independent


Recommended Jobs & Careers

8 is not capable to accumulate money as easy and natural as number 3 does, his success is usually based on tough fights, danger, hard work and effort. 8s are very calculated and organized. They may leave the impression that they’re not doing anything if they don’t have something to gain or benefit from.

They are capable of resounding success because they love dangerous lives even walking on bumpy roads. They are destined for and will succeed involved in great projects, because 8s like to do things big style.

They get noticed in any activity through sharp thinking, discernment, right judgment, discipline, firmness and determination. 8s are excellent organizers, creative and original. They posses physical force and resistance, that’s the only way to cope with the permanent tension caused by constant ambition to progress and stand out.

8 being a mental vibration provides its people intelligence, cold, comprehensive, analytical and calculated thinking capable to clearly perceive and assess all aspects of a problem. Their commercial skills and abilities are outstanding. 8s can figure out how and when to risk because they posses that daring, cold instinct of a veritable player. They are the right people to change the course of a business facing bankruptcy.

Type 8 personality can succeed in any leading position as a CEO, business man, banker, leader, contractor, financial analyst, lawyer, judge, executor, diplomat, politician, military officer, engineer, surgeon, professor.

They can be very good economists and accountants, IT specialists or serving society as policemen, detectives, fire fighters or in public administration. They can be irreplaceable as leaders of big corporations or even governments.

They prove to be experts in handling surgical instruments, guns, explosives, construction materials, in mechanics, electronics and electricity. They excel maneuvering and repairing all kind of machines.

8s can also be attracted to sports, especially those involving high risks such as cars or motorcycle races, skydiving or as testing pilots.

number 8 love couple compatibility

Number 8 Love & Compatibility

— Compatibilities are ALWAYS made between Soul Numbers, not Life Paths (!) —

Like in every aspect of their life, 8s tend to become possessive and dominate their relationships. They don’t have many close friends due to their dominant personality and their exigence in letting people enter their lives.

Weaker vibrations will feel attracted by 8’s vehemence & impetuosity, being disposed to concessions in order to win their friendship or love. 8’s dynamism, personality and magnetism makes them very attractive to the opposite sex, stirring up great passion and interests.

But how 8s will react to love? Of course, they will demand all or nothing – burning desire or indifference. Their indifference will not always portray the absence of love, but more likely their interest being absorbed by their projects or goals. The romantic aspect of life is not their priority most of the times.

They ask their partner complete dedication and absolute submission. 8s want love with a big L, they will never satisfy with simple or circumstantial caresses, even if they reserve themselves the right to stray. Relationships with number 8 can be difficult, but never boring.

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The kind, passive and calm nature of numbers 2 and 6 disposed to be dominated by him will balance number 8, bringing the peace that his agitated life needs – if they will achieve to accommodate with 8’s variable affection manifestations.

Bonds between 8 and number 4, 7 or 9 can be satisfying, but not much affection can be found there. The expansive, social and vibrant personalities of 3 and 5 can sustain a happy and stable relationship with number 8, although a confrontation between 5 and 8 can get to epic proportions.

The lowest relational chances are between 8 and another 8 or number 1, both vibrations being so explosive, aggressive and dominant to leave any space for harmony and stability.

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