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Number 1 Life Path Meaning In Numerology & Best Careers

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Number 1 in numerology symbolizes the starting point, the first impulse, the beginning, the male. It’s an active, masculine energy. It gives direction, orientation, impulse to act and lead.number 1 in numerology

  • Element → Fire
  • Day → Sunday
  • Planet → Sun
  • Energy → Yang
  • ColorRed

Tip: 1 has to do with active giving, offering, being the best day to spend money, loan money, invest money, offer money, gifts, compliments and whatever can be “offered”.


Movement: outwards, impulse, movement, explosion, expansion.

Positives: original, independent, courageous, winner, powerful, creative, maximum potential, the leader, explorer, expansionist, firm, initiator, indivisible, fierce, determined, dynamic, daring, persistent.

Negatives: egocentric, dominator, stubborn, impulsive, aggressive, ambitious, competitive, self-absorbed, selfish, intolerant.

Fears: to be ignored, to run out of ideas, not being able to express ideas, not being able to use his talent.

birth day date number 1 are leaders

Personality / Soul Number 1

If you’re born on any of these dates: 1, 10, 19, 28 of the month → your Inner Vibration is 1, and you’re a natural born leader.

There’s always a sense of psychic tension, agitation around people with Personality 1 because they’re dominant over others. They’re determined, full of confidence and have a commanding nature. They are powerful characters born to lead others to a purpose or common goal.

They do not like plain, peaceful lives and often tend to walk on dangerous roads searching to experience powerful feelings and emotions. They put themselves at numerous tests and challenges many times along their life.

They have good but selective memory, can rapidly and efficiently concentrate upon a task and make decisions. They are perfect leaders, initiators and innovators. They’re always looking for something new and out of the ordinary. They are creative, hard-working and career orientated.

They’re very self-dependent, unable to obey orders and do not allow other people to rule over them. Even if they work under a superior, they should be given a task and let to take it to completion in their own way. They do not take / accept advice from anyone and rely only on themselves.


Positive Traits Of Number 1 In Numerology

His / her traits and qualities are many and strong: power and influence, creativity, originality, intelligence, determination, confidence, willpower, resiliency, lucidity, goal orientated, career orientated, independent, leader, pioneer, strong, defender of his own rights.

number 1 negative traits

Negative Traits Of Number 1 In Numerology

When unbalanced, a negative 1 can be very hard to be around and work with.

Unable to cooperate, unable to cope with adversaries, arrogant, egocentric, selfish, proud, big ego, too demanding, controlling, aggressive, rigid, self absorbed, hard-headed, stubborn. He puts himself above anyone else, it’s him and the rest of the world. He’s never satisfied about himself, he looses he’s patience easily.

Number 1 doesn’t accept interference in his projects. Sometimes, speaking his mind is too direct and not very diplomatic. His arrogant and conceited attitude can attract many dislikes.

life path number 1 destiny

Life Path 1 – The Leader, The Self-Dependent

If Soul Number is given by your Birth Day – your Life Path is obtained by adding all digits of your Birth Day, Month and Year and reduce all to one digit.

Ex: If you’re born on 15 August 1985 your Life Path is Number 1.

1+5+8+1+9+8+5=37 → 3+7=10 → 1+0= 1

Destiny→ Leader, initiator, independent, creator, popular, dominant, powerful. The one who gives, does and makes, who initiate action.

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If you’re Life Path (Destination) is Number 1, you have to become a leader.

  • Direction: to learn to rely solely on yourself and become independent.
  • Opportunities: to lead and to start projects.

Basically, to acquire all qualities and skills that number 1 has that will help you to act and reach your Life Path. How? Becoming self-dependent and starting projects in your area of expertise.

best careers for number 1

Recommended Jobs & Careers

What careers are best for Soul Number 1? Where they can fully fulfill their innate abilities – especially in those places where they can stand out, lead and command.

Many people with inner vibration 1 unconscious like to impose and inspire fear, that’s why they often choose to become cops, judges, politicians, military commanders or get any authoritative position in society. Any career that allows 1’s to rule over others is perfect for them.

They also like to choose careers that allow individual performance where they can manifest themselves. Where their talents, work, skills, innovations, determination and power will bring them recognition, shine & personal satisfaction. They can be great doctors, surgeons, researchers, athletes, academics, university professors, lawyers, teachers.

number 1 love and couple compatibility

Number 1 Love & Compatibility

— Compatibilities are ALWAYS made between Soul Numbers, not Life Paths (!) —

The best compatibilities for a couple is when 2 complementary energies come together – active & passive, yin & yang.

1’s are not so interested in love and friendship. They have very few close friends due to their bossy attitude. They are straight and don’t have any problem speaking their minds when something bothers them.

Men with vibration 1 often put themselves above women and women with vibration 1 think that ‘all men are the same’. Number 1’s do not fall in love easily and do not accept just anybody into their world. Even so, they can make the impossible happen for the ones they truly love.

But first, number 1 has to learn to consume all that solar energy at work, not at home. Leave your bossy attitude outside, nobody likes to be in a relationship with a commander. At home you must be a partner.

Soul number 1 being governed by fire and being a masculine, active energy is most compatible with passive, feminine Soul numbers 2, 4 or 6. Their love, patience and supportive energy will balance him and help him achieve great things in life. Grounded but passionate 8 can also make a good partner as long as his needs for image and importance are met.

With creative and light headed 3 frictions, jealousy and criticism can appear while with dynamic and adventurous 5 the house will be empty, both of them being away most of the time. As long as 1 gives number 7 personal space, there can be good understanding between those two.

With passionate 9 can live a very intense romance, but mutual respect, love and attention is required so 9 can stick for a long journey.

1 and 1 is a no-no. Too much individualism and fights for power for a lasting relationship.

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