numerology house number 8

House Number 8 Numerology Warnings: What To Watch For

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House 8 in numerology talks about personal power, self image, the need for social ascension and accumulation of  material things.

numerology house number 8This number symbolizes all material forces concentrated to help men’s achieving goals. It speaks about supreme power and justice descending upon human beings when their efforts (good or bad) must be (re)payed accordingly.

This house number has the most powerful vibration of all house numbers, and is very difficult to restrain from its force. Like house number 4, and number 7 – 8 is a karmic number for a house or apartment.


Numerology Calculation For House Number 8

Calculation for house number 8 in numerology: we add every digit and letter of the house number and reduce it to one.

valorical numbers for letters in numerology

  • 404=4+0+4=8
  • 98=9+8=17 =>> 1+7=8
  • 43A=4+3+1=8

In this type of house can only live people very sure of themselves, bold and determined fighters in life. As a rule, in this kind of apartment only settle people that have to receive some type of payment/comeback from the Universe.

That’s why at house number 8 very often we see lots of arrests, suicides, kidnappings or brutal/hard to explain crimes.


House Number 8 – Positives

The spirit of this house sustains and welcomes people and businesses who want to achieve growth, development and legitimate material accumulations and riches.

People who want and work for social and professional ascension respecting lives and efforts of others along the way. People who respect truth and honesty, common sense and maintain their principles & character even or especially when they obtain high positions in life.


House Number 8 – Negatives

If house 8’s residents are not honest people living according to universal and terrestrial laws, then they will get in lots of trouble especial with law enforcement authorities.

The spirit of the house will eventually send the police over and make sure that any unlawful activities are stopped and their authors punished.


Who Can Benefit From House 8 Energy?

Those in search of great business success, achieving social fame and recognition and accumulating wealth and riches are sustained by the energy of the house as long as they work hard and legit and not becoming and acting superior to others.

Apartment number 8 is a perfect location for any business, company, agency, trading, media, authority.

numerology house number 8

House 8 Warnings

House number 8 is governed by the earth element. If residents do not comply to the above requirements, vibration 8 can quickly and totally collapse them from high to the very low on every level of their lives.

Pay attention to house walls and foundation flaws. Make any necessary repairs as soon as they are needed.


House 8 Recommendations

Tame the spirit of this house by keeping a piece of iron or lead in any corner of the house or a small piece of ruby, topaz or sapphire. It’s also recommended to have many plants & flowers in this house and to take good care of them.

The image of a scorpion on a wall can be protective as well as the use of colors red and black.


Residents of house 8 will be sustained by the house’s powerful energy to achieve their success and wealth accumulation goals as long as they are fair and respectful people, honoring common sense and universal laws along their path.

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