numerology house number 4

House Number 4 Numerology: It’s Gonna Keep You Busy (Working)

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If you consider it’s about time to settle down, start and raise a family, getting roots, build a business, a career, getting rich, materialize your dreams and you’re a working person who takes life serious – then house 4 is for you.

numerology house number 4

House 4 in numerology asks for hard work, seriousness, discipline, character, resilience, responsibility, stability, doing things by the plan, consistence, fairness, respecting all rules and laws.


Numerology Calculation For House Number 4

House number 4 numerology calculation: we add every digit and letter of the respective house/apartment and reduce it to one.

valorical numbers for letters in numerology

  • 202=2+0+2=4
  • 67=6+7=13 =>> 1+3=4
  • 75B=7+5+1=13 =>> 1+3=4

If you live in a house 4 you have to keep it clean, organized, repair anything that doesn’t function or any wall that is not in perfect shape.

The spirit of this house imprints on its residents resilience, responsibility and practicality. They’ re good in following routines, well organized and often live a well structured life.

This house is pretty conservative, it likes stability and things done as they should be – it does not like innovations or changes.


House Number 4 – Positives

House 4 numerology helps you achieve your life and career goals if you are driven, ambitious and hardworking. Its environment helps increase logical thinking and determination. Also encourages honesty, loyalty and maturity.

is house 4 good for you

House Number 4 – Negatives

Usually, house 4 attracts practical, diligent and serious people. If by any chance a person that does not contain these qualities (but quite the opposite) inhabits such a house, the problems will never stop.

If they’ll try to brake the law in one way or another they may get right into prison between a 4 walls cell. The spirit of the house will send them there.


Who Can Benefit From House 4 Energy?

All serious hard working people looking for a home and/or to build something solid, legit for their life and family.

This type of house/apartment is also good for architects, business owners, real estate agents, accountants, economists, engineers, bankers, teachers, doctors, people working in corporate or public system jobs where they follow orders, directives, plans and certain routines/disciplines.

As opposed to house 3, this house prefers residents that like stability, consistence, order, are pretty conservative and love to do repetitive activities.

house 4 warnings

House 4 Warnings

House 4 is governed by the earth element as well as house number 8. So all the problems with this house will most likely have to do with foundation, construction, walls and ceiling.


House 4 Recommendations

To tame the spirit of this house it’s useful that you place in a corner of the house a little piece of lead. Recommended colors are green and brown. It is also recommended to have a large picture/painting representing a woman (may be the wife from that house).

It’s also good to have many plants and potting soils with herbs, flowers or bulbs in the house.


House number 4 is definitely for you if you’re planning to pursue a well designed, concrete, legit and well organized life plan that requires hard work and discipline. It may reward you with a beautiful family, good state of health and a fulfilling career.

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