numerology house number 6

House Number 6 Numerology: A Place For Family & Comfort

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House number 6 is perfect for those that love home comfort and family life, pets included. It’s a place where love & harmony should prevail on all levels and senses.

numerology house number 6

House 6 in numerology represents the most perfect place to start and raise a happy family, beside number 4. The warmth of a loving home, a house full of joy and laughter, children, pets and extended family together creating and living memorable times for eternity.


Numerology Calculation For House Number 6

House number 6 numerology calculation: we add every digit and letter of house/apartment number and reduce it to a single one.

numerical values for letters in numerology

  • 204=2+0+4=6
  • 69=6+9=15 =>> 1+5=6
  • 95A=9+5+1=15 =>> 1+5=6

If you live in a house 6 you have to be a good & responsible family figure either as a father or a mum.

This house also welcomes those who are not looking to lead or to become leaders, but prefer to work as a team member under someone else’s coordination.


House Number 6 – Positives

If you’re the type of person who always likes to help others or participate in non-profit organizations, then you’ll get along well with the spirit of this house.

This house ask for harmony, understanding and good relationships between all family members. The spirit of the house will love and protect its residents as long as the mother and father of the family are respecting each other and maintaining their respective roles and responsibilities.

is house number 6 good for you

House Number 6 – Negatives

The downside of this number is that it can make you wish to accumulate many things that may be hard to obtain sometimes no matter how much work and effort is involved.

This number’s vibration can also make you become too protective and even aggressive if someone messes with your friends or family the wrong way.


Who Can Benefit From House 6 Energy?

The spirit oh the house is getting along well with people with activities where there is beauty and esthetics involved.

Even people with usual jobs are welcomed but only if they love what they do and are completing their jobs with pleasure and responsibility.

Business owners can feel good in house 6 only if they are generous and kind but strict & demanding at the same time.

Artists, musicians, home designers, fashion designers, school teachers, nurses, family doctors, entrepreneurs will feel good and welcomed and sustained in this house.

house 6 warnings

House 6 Warnings

House 6 is governed by the water element. Al inconveniences in this house will mostly have to do with water so make sure that all pipes and faucets are in a good state and functioning well  to avoid flooding.


House 6 Recommendations

To tame the spirit of this house it’s useful that you place piece of copper in any corner of the house or a small emerald, opal, onyx. It is a good thing to display a image or a statue representing a bull. It’s also recommended to have a cat or a dog as a pet in house number 6.



Life in house number 6 can be a bliss for those looking for a big and happy, extended family. Love, balance and harmony are the requirements to enjoy all those things to a happily ever after fairy tale.

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