1 to 9 personality type in numerology

Qualities Of Numbers (Personality Types) In Numerology

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Let’s get over a brief review about the qualities of numbers from 1 to 9 that numerology left us as great knowledge and understanding of mathematics of the Universe.

1 to 9 personality type in numerology

And you cannot say that isn’t so, because reality itself is validating this knowledge every single time. I am fascinated day by day, discovering over and over again how much truth and wisdom are embedded into this ancient knowledge.

I dare you to compare these teachings against your reality: analyze yourself and your loved ones, friends, colleagues, bosses, neighbors… according to their Birth Day (personality) and see for yourself if you find truth and resemblance in what numerology teaches us.


Brief Qualities Of Numbers According To Numerology

Number 1

Active, goal orientated, harsh, has initiative, leader, feisty, authoritative, demanding, ruler

These people are direct, competitive, determined, courageous, daring – true leaders. They wish to achieve success through personal forces, ambition and determination. They want to be the first and initiate things. They love to tell you what to do and often get in leading / commanding positions.

Number 2

Passive, submissive, weak, emotional, receptive, sensible, passionate

Pacifist people, good communicators. They are empathetic, sensible, like to do things in partnership or teams. They love connections. They wish to associate, to communicate and live by emotions. They are shy and mostly feel insecure about themselves and their own capacities. They need to have someone beside them all the time.

Number 3

Vibrant, cheerful, artist, lucky, shining, attracts success easily

These people are charismatic, charming, entertainers, humorous. They like to create things and give new forms. They wish to express themselves, to create projects and human connections. They love to talk, chatter and tell jokes. They are extremely imaginative and usually expand themselves in too many directions at the same time – wasting energy, focus and failing to complete many of those projects.

Number 4

Loves to work, no initiative, unhappy, afflicted, materialist, hard labor and defeat

A person under this vibration wishes to materialize, wants practical and visible results and to live constructively obeying rules and established patterns. They’re hard workers, diligent, disciplined, traditionalists, they evolve constantly in one direction for long periods of time (5,10,20 years).

Number 5

Active. mobile, entrepreneur, agitated, nervous, agile, alert, spirited, suspicious, sexual

The people of 5 yearn for freedom. They love to travel and live to assume risks, experiment, feel and live on the edge. They’re good entertainers, like to break rules and loathe monotony. They are innovative and very adaptable. 5s love themselves and like to be the center of attention. They are attractive, sensual and lucky.

Number 6

Serene, loving, stylish, classy, tactful, caring, domestic, mather love, loves comfort

People of 6 look for harmony and balance in their lives. They want to raise great families and adore to create beauty around them. They are protective, responsible, loving, have artistic abilities, love music and dancing. They are good looking, attractive and sentimental.

Number 7

Detached from the world, mystical, mysterious, romantic, dreamer, ascetic

7s are geniuses, they posses a very analytical mind. They love and bond with nature and the spiritual side of life. They are attracted by mystical things, SF and get information trough inspiration. They prefer enjoying their inner life, to act individually to be a good observant of things. They gravitate toward science or religion.

Number 8

Worldly life, material success or failure, high life, risk lover, protector

Best organizers, responsible people with a strong character. They love to obtain, to detain, to manifest some kind of power (even in their families). They tend to master what they do and some may feel impelled to help others. They want to detain high positions in society, influence, to apply the law, to accumulate money and material things, to reach absolute power. 8s get to detain the energy of money, often reaching leading positions in life due to their thirst for power.

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Number 9

Spiritual and intellectual perfection

People of 9 are loving, caring, very smart and mentally strong. They are philanthropist, they love to support elders and children in need, animals, nature, they want to ‘save the world’. They are somehow melancholic but their intuition is very strong and well developed. They fight to obtain their ideals in life and often sacrifice themselves for others. They’re often attracting problems in their lives.

qualities of numbers in numerology

Feminine & Masculine Numbers (Vibrations)

  • 1, 3, 5 and 9 are masculine, active vibrations
  • 2, 4, 6 and 8 are feminine, passive vibrations

It seems that masculine numbers have much more interesting and fiery traits and qualities than feminine ones.

Next to 1’s energy, 3’s shining & success, 5’s adventurism and mobility, 7’s wisdom and the perfection of 9 – passive numbers seem weak, pale and uninteresting.

But they definitively have their role and perfectly complement the active ones.

What to do with this information

Now you know who you have around you (if you know their Birth Day). Understand their inner voice (personality), don’t judge them but use this knowledge to improve your relationship with them or adjust your response to any difficult situations that may arise.

Numerology gives you the upper hand. Play it well.

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