the ladder of happiness according to numerology

The Ladder Of Happiness In Pythagorean Numerology

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The ladder of happiness (success) in numerology shows us the steps we need to take to achieve our personal level of success and fulfillment.

the ladder of happiness according to numerology

If the individual climbs this ladder the correct way, he’ll have all the chances to reach personal happiness and fulfillment in this life. If not, life will make him return back to those steps that he skipped or not walked on all the way.

Let’s take as example the matrix of the person from the article where we learned to calculate the psychomatrix.

Psychomatrix / Pythagorean Square (Born On 15 July 1972)

Physical Body/Health

It is necessary to calculate the sum of every line, column and diagonal from the matrix. Thus, at the end of every line we will have a certain value.

Next, we do the same thing for every cell of the matrix and obtain a value. All these values represent the necessary steps the individual has to take and the correct order for him to reach fulfillment.

To have a better representation of this ladder we need to arrange these values in descending order from high to low. The higher value represents the top level of aspiration the individual has to reach in this life and lower values the steps where he has to start his development from.

To reach personal success in life the individual has to understand, dominate and know really well the lowest, simple steps of his ladder and step up toward the higher, composed ones.

Every step brings different levels of happiness but in the same time asks for new qualities and capacities to be developed. Development of every level on this ladder depends on the level below it. In other words, when a level is developed sufficiently, it starts to grow and activate the next level in that person’s life.

Some people need a few months, while others spend years on a certain level.


The Ladder Of Happiness for a person born on 15 July 1972

In this case we have the following ladder:

3-5-7 (goal orientation, compassion) = 33

7-8-9 (talent, creativity) = 23

1-5-9 (career, determination) =21

3-6-9 (stability, material welfare) = 18

1-4-7 (objective setting, pursuing & implication) = 16

1-2-3 (vitality, self-evaluation) = 15

2-5-8 (family, love, social life) = 14

Cell of 7 (reason, wisdom, knowledge) = 14

4-5-6 (financial independence) = 10

Cell of 5 (intuition, synthesis, self-trust) = 10

Cell of 3 (analysis, information, learning) = 9

Cell of 9 (intellect, memory, capacity to operate with information & experiences) = 9

Cell of 2 (energy, emotions, communication) = 4

Cell of 1 (physic force, will power, ego) = 2

Cell of 4 (health, organization) = 0

Cell of 6 (work, pragmatism) = 0

Cell of 8 (duty, responsibility) = 0

The most higher value for this person and the place he/she needs to reach to fell successful & fulfilled in life is to become a compassionate, goal orientated being. To achieve that, he/she will have to start from the bottom of the ladder and climb every step of the way up.

The zero values presented in the bottom cannot be worked upon. The energies pertaining to these cells will act on their own at the absolute value when/if needed (from the above realm). So, the first level to step on, develop, dominate and walked through is the physic force, will power and everything pertaining to the cell of 1.

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Next, the person will have to develop, understand and dominate his/her energies, emotions and communication skills (cell of 2).

The next step → we have two cells at the same value (developing one will automatically develop the other): the cells of 3 and 9. The person should develop his/her memory & learning capacities, store information and adapt to life’s challenges.

Climbing on the ladder we find intuition and financial independence at the same value. Following his/her intuition and synthesizing all those information from the lower steps can lead the person to reach financial independence and capacity to sustain his loved ones.

Having achieved that, now the person has the capacity to start and raise a family and enjoy social life. In the same time the person has increased his/her knowledge and wisdom thus, self-evaluation and vitality increase accordingly.

Now he/she can set important objectives in life and work toward achieving them. This will help the individual to obtain stability and welfare. He/she can immerse then into a specific career with determination and use all available talents and creativity to achieve his/her life goals and become a compassionate individual.

Which being the top of personal ladder of happiness will bring the satisfaction and sense of fulfilling this native is going after (conscious or unconscious) in this life.

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